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Complement your existing developers with scalable skills and capacity

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Build prototypes of new products or features without straining your existing developers

Expand your team's skills and capacity on demand

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Devlint manages the entire software development process to make sure that it is completed according to best practices. Finding the right developers and working with them is difficult and more than 70% of the time leads to project failure. Devlint eliminates this from happening by guaranteeing that your requirements are gathered accurately, you receive fair estimates and project management is transparent.


Free assessment

Receive a free assessment which includes:

Requirements consultation

Access to software experts

Preliminary cost estimate

Project summary

Choose your team

Compare preliminary estimates from at least 2 vetted software companies and choose the best fit with our guidance.

Accept quote

Review detailed requirements generated for your project and approve the detailed cost and duration breakdown shared with you by your chosen team.

Monitor progress

View the team's progress from planning to complete product while paying for work done that meets your expectations.


No middleman

Work directly with the team you choose. We monitor the project to ensure that best practices are being maintained at all times.

International standards

The best practices followed on our projects are based on the most popular and effective tools and techniques for software development.

Bringing remote teams closer

The biggest open source projects including Bitcoin, Tensorflow and Ethereum are built by developers almost completedly remotely. Following best practices means that you can work with developers as if they were in the room next door.

Size doesn't matter

Your project is matched to a team that has the right number of developers and the right expertise to build your software based on the best technology stack.

Always be in the know

Devlint's integrations with developer tools means that you will know exactly how your project is progressing. Data accumulated is compared to the commercial agreement in place to alert you if there is anything wrong.